Warning Signs of Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer cases are increasing day by day and the main reason is the lack of enough knowledge to recognize it. It does not occur at once like an infection. Breast Cancer takes time and even ear to proliferate. Over time the abnormal cell number continues to increase and cross the limit. Then you see a small lump in or around the breast area. The symptoms of breast cancer can vary from person to person. However, some people do have any signs of breast cancer and when they come to know it is too late. In this article, I will explain the possible warning signs of breast cancer.

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer: –

  • The Lump in Breast: –

Lump formation is common in ladies during the periods but if the lump does not exist after it. Then, it may be the sign that there is some problem with your breast. According to a study, this is the very first sign of breast cancer. However, the lumps are painless and you feel like it is normal. Sometimes the lump can cause a sensation. So if you feel any lump in your breast kindly visit a doctor before it is too late.

  • Change in Breast Size: –

Breast are not of the same size and type for all ladies. IT may happen that if some breast condition is normal for you then it can be abnormal for other women. So, we cannot say anything about it. There are many conditions in ladies’ life in which they feel their breasts lumpy or uneven. However, the increase or decrease in breast size can be a warning sign. If you see a change in breast size, texture, temperature, and contour then you should see a doctor for a checkup.

  • Nipple Fluid Discharge: –

Well, it has been noticed in many breast cancer cases. You may face the nipple discharge and it can be clear, bloody or of any other color. A study shows that nipple discharge can be due to benign. But, in the case of breast cancer, it can also occur and the quantity of discharge will be abnormal.  

  • Change in Breast Areas Condition: –

In the case of breast cancer, you might feel the swelling of part of your breast and t can be of the upper area or down. You may face the dimpling of the breast skin and pain the breast area. There can be a clear change in the nipples like these can be pulled inward, nipple itching, nipple burning, and development of nipple sores, etc.

What to do if you find any breast cancer sign?

It is commonly said that prevention is always better than cure. In the same way, a consultant with the doctor on time is better than the last stage visit. So, if you see any warning sign, abnormal breast, breast pain or change in breast condition you must go to the doctor. A doctor can tell you what is the situation exactly. You may face swollen lymph nodes and swelling of armpits. So, consult your doctor.



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