10 Diet Tips To Improve Overall Women’s Health



This is a topic that stays current. We are always looking to improve our eating to feel and look better. It would seem that we can never have enough of this kind of information. That is in part due to the fact that our understanding of this topic is rather bad as a whole. Scientists will often conflict with each other or change their minds radically about a given subject in this field. That has as a consequence a general sense of disbelief, and it reduces our notions about this topic to anecdotal claims. We have put together this list of ten things that are pretty much a consensus at this time. You should get good results if you can implement at least one of them. They are in no particular order. Let us start.

Fewer Carbs

There is a carb revolution going on. They used to be the base of the food pyramid, they are now known to be quite bad for your dieting efforts. Not all carbs are bad, and you do need them to survive, so do not cut them out entirely. Instead, try to learn about different types of carbs and their effects on your body. Armed with that knowledge you may become convinced that they are probably not the best thing for you. If that happens you may find that cutting down on the number of carbs that you consume gets a bit easier.

More Water

This is a very important thing to try to achieve. Drinking more water will improve your metabolism, which will speed up the process of burning calories. On top of that, you get the benefit that a belly filled with water is a more satiated one. We will often crave certain foods just because we are thirsty. If you start to notice this you will be better poised to beat cravings, too.

More Cardio

This is not exactly diet, but no diet is complete without physical activity. We do not mean spending hours in the gym every day, though. Just walking a few blocks or a some flights of stairs every day will be enough to compliment any dieting efforts you may be trying to put in place. Remember that there is no diet without exercise and no workout without diet. You will be able to see much better results if you do not neglect this.

More Protein

Protein is harder to digest and it is more satiating. It will fill you up faster and will have less of an impact on your metabolism. These are two great things to have from a food source. Do not overdo it unless you want to run into serious problems, though. You should always try to achieve a balance in your macronutrient ratio.


Better Snacks

It would be best not to snack at all. If you have to snack try to do it in a smart way. Find foods that will not have a big impact on your caloric intake and that will help you feel full. If you are not in control of your impulses regarding snacks you need to take matters into your hands and deal with the problem in a different way. 

Intermittent Fasting

This has become all the rage these last few years. It is no wonder that it happened though. The effects of fasting in the body are so incredible that you should be trying fasting even if you are not looking to lose weight. Fasting is a very healthy way to let your body heal itself. If you allow a period of at least 15 hours of the day when you consume no food you start to get great benefits at a cellular level, not to mention that you are not consuming a lot of the stuff that you otherwise would be. There is a Nobel Price backing up this data. If you are not hip to fasting it is time for you to look into it.

The Way In Which You Eat Matters

You should sit down to enjoy your meals. Eating in a hurry is not a great thing to do all the time. We are all pressed for time and we may need to eat on the fly from time to time. That is not optimal, though. The best thing would be to take your time, also try to chew as much as you can so that the food gets to your stomach a lot more broken down. These are two really important things related to the way in which you eat. Regardless of what it is that you are eating.

Keep Count

Either keep a food journal, write down what it is you eat or log it on an app. You could also count calories. Whatever suits you. The point is to keep a record of the things that you are eating so that you can see what works best for you. It is also great to be accountable for what you put in your mouth. You will probably think twice about eating something if you are thinking that you have to write it down later.

Minimize Stress And Stress Eating

Stress will cause you to retain weight and will hinder your metabolism in other ways too. On top of that, you will find that being stressed out will often lead you to eat the wrong things at the wrong times. You should try to minimize this as much as you can. Though it may be hard.

Smaller Portions And Plates

If you reduce the size of your plate it becomes easier to eat less. The less you eat the better in general. It is often better to work on an empty stomach during the day. A lot of research about this subject is helping debunk this wrong notion that we need six meals a day and be constantly fed. Hunger is your friend.