10 Exercise Tips That Every Woman Should Know

Working out can be a great experience, it can also feel like a chore sometimes. We should always try to make workouts as fun and enticing as possible because the truth is that we need them. If you are reading this maybe you are already a fully-fledge athlete, or maybe you are just trying to get started. In either case, these tips that we have put together for you will help in your efforts to become fitter and stronger. Let us go ahead and get started on this list that should have at least a few interesting things that you did not think about.

Pay Attention To What You Eat Before And After Workouts

Training for weight loss is a very common practice, even more so among women. Another reason for training would be muscle gains. There are other benefits that people pursuit when working out, but those two are the most common ones. What both of them have in common is that their effectiveness will depend greatly on what you eat. Not eating is not an option in either case. You just need to be careful to have a good diet to compliment your goals. If performance is the only thing that you care about in your training diet will play a key part here as well. Do not neglect this key aspect.

Strength Is For You, Too

Some women may still hold to old stereotypes that strength training should be reserved for males or high-performance female athletes. This is completely not true. Having functional strength is a great asset for anyone. Another benefit of strength training is that you will burn fat a lot faster if you have more muscle to feed energy to during your routines and daily activities.

Everything You Do Will Be Affected By Your Sleeping Habits

This is really important. You will not rest well if you do not have at least 6 hours of good sleep a day. By resting we mean your mind and every part of your body. All the work that is done in the gym only becomes results at night when you sleep. You break down your body only to build it back up stronger and better while resting. If you do not take care of resting you will not see most of the benefits. Not to mention that your performance will drop. There are recent studies that seem to indicate that if you deprive yourself of sleep you reduce your capacity to lose fat, too. Your extra productivity or fun may come at a high price, keep that in mind.

Cardio Is Important For Women

Cardio is important for everyone. It keeps us burning fat, improves our metabolism and endocrine system, also quite a few other benefits. The main benefit that women will get from cardio apart from these is working on their heart muscle. Heart disease is the number one killer of women worldwide. If you take care of the heart muscle you are lowering your risk for heart disease by a lot. All of these benefits make cardio a great fit for women of all ages, and with all types of fitness goals.

Women Are Naturally More Flexible Than Men

Flexibility is inversely related to strength. The stronger the muscle fiber, the less flexible it will be, and vice-versa. You can work on all of this stuff, of course. Being big and strong does not mean that you have to be stiff. The reverse works just the same. Knowing that flexibility exercises will be easier for you as a woman can help you set a bar for yourself, too. You can push yourself a little harder if you know that you are naturally inclined towards flexibility. Flexibility is a great asset to have, it will only help you to develop it, just do not overdo it. Your workouts should be balanced so that you can develop all desirable traits at the same time.

Bone Structure Matters

There are some that would try to deny this, but biological factors play an important role in the fitness world. As a woman, your bone structure is different than that of a man. That has a lot of consequences in the type of workouts that will be best suited for you, especially at first when you cannot compensate with technique or strength. If you keep this in mind when designing and carrying out your training sessions you will have a great advantage. It is not a small detail, and it should be taken into account. If you are working with a personal trainer chances are that they will know about this and design a work routine that will exploit your strengths and help you develop your weakness, without going against the things that you have no control over.

Combat Sports For Women

This is a growing trend in the US, it has been strong for a long time in other parts of the world. Whether it is female boxing, female MMA, or a kind of martial arts competition you will see that these sports are gaining a lot of popularity in public perception, as well as in the amount of women that are willing to try them. There are some of them that will be a great workout and help you develop self-defense skills at the same time. Others are more oriented towards competition. You will be able to choose whatever suits you best in this regard. You can find great gyms all over the world if you are interested in trying one of these out.


The fitness world for women has grown a lot in recent years. Also the field of sports competition. These things are gaining prominence in the public eye, which always helps generate excitement in this kind of activity. Train hard!

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