How stress became major health concern for Women


One alarming fact that the world has come to know about over the years is stress. Interestingly, women are found to have more stress as compared to men. Talk about women’s health and we come to know another fact is that mostly women in America look to improve much of their health being stressed out rather than having insurance or stocking of foods. 

A survey had got conducted in USA by National Women’s Health Center. It showed that women under 65 years of age had major issues and the topmost was stress. The reason was that they felt pressured out of home and work life balance that sucked them of their energy and time. Moreover, though women do know that stress damages health yet not many get the chance to remove it for better health at all.

How stress affects or had affected health of Women?

Another finding that came out of the research is that 40 percent of participants were those that did come up with questions with their physicians. And that many doctors also wanted that women would bring concerns and issues to them since stress is real damaging and cannot be left unattended too. Yet, time is of the concern and hardly 10 minutes could be given to each attending patient as well. Still, many women often were found not to have enough time to voice their concerns and were not prepared for the respective visit too.

A telephone survey that got conducted by a non-profit group also revealed amazing result. That is among 1005 women, many were above 18 years or above to suffer from stress. Despite the stress levels, half of these women did take some steps to reduce it in last past year. Around 15 percent of those women had visited mental health counselor as well.

The survey did show on how women were concerned about their health. Around 80 percent to 90 percent were also aware to go for annual screening tests for other diseases side by side. Like,



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