9 Things You Didn’t Know Coca-Cola Could Do

Coca Cola is one of the most popular beverages anywhere in the world. No matter where you go, you are probably most likely to spot the familiar red logo on buildings and newspapers (more than once, for sure), and find people who have an undying dedication and love to this ever-popular fizzy drink.

But did you think Coca-Cola was just for enjoying with your meal? Think again, because there are so many other ways in which you can use them around the house or garden.

They can be lifesavers in pesky situations, but you’ve probably never thought to use them to rectify the situation. Well, that’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to educate you on the amazing and unusual uses for this liquid gold!

Here are 9 surprising other ways that you can use your favorite soft drink:

1. Keep Flowers Fresh for Longer

Yes, you heard us right! When someone you love gives you a bouquet of flowers, it’s sad to see them die after just a few days. And receiving a bouquet of fake flowers just doesn’t feel special enough, does it? Well, the good news is that you can make those gorgoues flowers last just a little bit longer with the help of some Coca-Cola.

Add a little bit of the drink along with the water you store the flowers in and voila! Try it out the next time you have fresh flowers in your home and you’ll be able to enjoy the freshness and beauty of natural flowers for a longer time. Make sure not to add too much though, about ¼ cup of Coke to 1 cup of water should be perfect.


2. Stops Itching Caused by Mosquito Bites

If you live in an area that has mosquitoes, you know just how annoying these tiny little creatures can be. If you’re like me and the itching drives you crazy, which makes you scratch and scratch and scratch away at these mosquito bites until you see blood, this might be the perfect solution for you!

The days of bruising your skin because of these tiny pesky bugs is over! All you need to do is just rub a bit of Coco Cola in the area of the bite, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the feeling of itching goes away! Don’t ask us why it works, it just does, and I for one am glad for it!

3. DIY Antique Paper

If you’re someone that’s big on DIY, here’s a great trick for you to make a simple white paper look like it came from a long time back. To achieve this antique look, simply pour a bit of Coca-Cola into a spray bottle and get your paper laid out. And then just spray away, focusing it a bit more here and there to give it a more natural look.

Once you’re satisfied, just leave the paper out in the sun or somewhere where it can dry without disturbance. When it’s completely dry, you’ll have yourself an antique sheet of paper to do with it what your heart desires. You can write a letter to a loved one in cursive to make it look like one of those ancient ones, wrap gifts, make rustic notebooks, and so much more! Neat, isn’t it?

4. Relief from Jellyfish Stings

Imagine you’re spending a day at the beach with your friends, lying in the sand sunbathing, bathing in the cool ocean waters when -uh-oh!- you get stung by a jellyfish! What do you do? No, you don’t have to get one of your friends to urinate on it (that’s just fiction anyway).

Instead, save yourself the embarrassment and get one of them to grab a bottle of Coke from the cooler and pour it over the area of the sting. This might work because of the chemicals in Coke which can help neutralize the pain of the jellyfish sting. And then get them to take you to the doctor, of course, because this is only a short term solution to neutralize the sting until a doctor can take a look at it.

5. Cleaning Your Spectacles

For those of you who have been cursed by fate to have to wear spectacles all the time, you know just how annoying it can be when there are smudges and dirt on your glasses. I mean, it’s literally in your eyesight every single second!

The problem is, it’s not always easy cleaning your glasses as cleaning with your fingers or random pieces of cloth because they tend to leave even more smudges, which is definitely the opposite of what we want to achieve. Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution to get rid of those irritating blemishes in your sight. Just grab a soft piece of cloth or tissue, dab a bit of Coca Cola on it and give your glasses a good wipe and you’ll have given yourself the gift of crystal clear vision! Hurrah!

6. Make Better Fertiliser

If you love spending time on your knees in the dirt and working away in the garden, and you’ve got a bottle of coca-cola in the kitchen that has gone flat and lost its fizz, then we’ve got a great tip for you!

You can use coca-cola to help start the processes of compiling a compost bin! Pour a bit of Coke into your compost bin to help speed up the natural process. More micro-organism will be present due to the sugar and sweetness in Coca Cola. The acid in this popular beverage will also help break down the organic constituents that will eventually become compost a lot faster.

7. Get Rid of Blood Stains

Blood stains are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you how many pairs of pants and underwear she’s lost to the mighty period. Or maybe you simply have cut yourself and bled onto your favorite shirt. Well, you don’t have to immediately throw it away or banish it to the kitchen cleaning pile. Try this trick out, and it just might save you a perfectly good piece of clothing.

All you have to do is pour a bit of Coca-Cola along with your regular laundry detergent and soak them for some time. Afterward, give your clothes a good wash after and scrub the stained area lightly if needed. The discolouration should be gone, and your clothes will be saved!

8. Make Old Jewellery Look Brand New

We all have those pieces of gold jewelery that we’ve had for years and years. They always mean something special to us, belonging to someone that’s no longer around, a special gift, a childhood memory. These pieces of jewelery often mean a lot more to us than just something to accessorize an outfit. But sometimes they can get to look so old that they start looking cheap and tacky and you stop wearing them.

Well, Coke to the rescue! Simply soak the jewelery in a bit of Coca Cola overnight and give them a light wash under warm soapy water in the morning and you’ll have yourself shiny jewelery that looks brand new. This way, you can start wearing them again, and proudly tell anyone that asks the story behind them!

9. Remove Grease Stains and Gasoline Smell

If you’re someone that comes into regular contact with gasoline, chances are you are also prone to getting grease stains on your clothes as well. Not to mention the horrid smell. While some people claim to love getting that whiff of toxicity, even they admittedly wouldn’t want to go through their day smelling like it.

You don’t need too need to go out and get those expensive cleansers just to get rid of the smell or the grease. Just use some Coca-Cola along with your regular detergent when washing your clothes, paying a bit of extra attention to those pesky stains and you’ll have garments that smell nice and are free of stains in no time!


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